Genootschap ter bevordering van Natuur-, Genees- en Heelkunde

Travel grants for young researchers

application deadline 5 January 2019

Each year the “Genootschap” awards travel grants to young researchers in sciences, medicine and dentistry at the University of Amsterdam or the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. This group includes master or doctoral students, who have no other options to finance a scientific trip (e.g. via NWO grants). Applications can be submitted twice a year: in the spring and in the autumn. The travel grant is up to € 1000; in each round three grants can be awarded.

For the next round applications for a scholarship must be received before 5 January 2019. An application must contain:

  • destination and purpose of the trip
  • motivation for the trip / conference visit
  • whether the applicant gives a presentation and if so, in what form
  • a budget clearly stating the amount of money requested, other sources of income, detailed costs to be paid
  • for PhD students: a statement from the institute that no institutional funds are available.


 As attachments should be enclosed

  • a completed application form (see link below)
  • a brief description and the program of the conference
  • a CV of the applicant, including a publication list

Please submit your application by e-mail (in pdf format) to the secretary of the “Genootschap” (see link below).

Gepubliceerd door  Genootschap ter bevordering van Natuur-Genees en Heelkunde


28 november 2018